May 25, 2022

Improving Health Outcomes for People Living with Dermatological Diseases Worldwide

International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations, International League of Dermatological Societies, International Alliance of Patients' Organizations


John Knox Centre
27, chemin des CrĂȘts-de-Pregny
1218 Grand-Saconnex, Geneva

Skin is the largest and most visible organ of the body; it plays a key role in protecting other organs from the outside world, while at the same time, is vulnerable to attack from within. This vulnerability can lead to highly burdensome and sometimes lethal skin conditions. Unfortunately, dermatological conditions do not get the global policy prioritization they deserve, and this is having a negative impact on patients’ health and wellbeing.

This session will focus attention on the considerable physical, emotional and social toll associated with living with a life long skin condition and explore the wider costs for society resulting from the low policy ranking given to these conditions. This event (May 25, 12:30-14:30 CEST) will cover the multi-stakeholder actions needed to change this reality and highlight concrete solutions that are underway to elevate medical dermatology on the global health policy agenda.