September 23, 2021

FP Virtual Dialogue: Securing Our Digital Future



Date & Time

September 23, 2021
10:00AM EDT - 11:00AM EDT


Hosted By: Foreign Policy

Join Foreign Policy on September 23rd for a new Virtual Dialogue exploring the economic, social, and geopolitical implications of escalating cybersecurity threats and the urgent need for international collaboration to combat them. Against the backdrop of the 76th UN General Assembly and the proliferation of cyber attacks globally, FP Analytics, in partnership with Microsoft, will unveil a special report exploring how multilateral consensus for norms and rules around cybersecurity could safeguard the digital ecosystem.

As recent, high-profile attacks have shown, malicious actors are relentlessly seeking out weaknesses in countries’ and companies’ cyber defenses. According to FP Analytics’ report, a united front to defend critical infrastructure, businesses, and government assets will be critical to safeguarding the digital environment for economic growth, national security, and citizens’ privacy.

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