September 12, 2023

Day 2 – Sustainable Development in Latin America & Caribbean Summit

Springer Nature



Date & Time

September 12, 2023
11:30AM EDT

This session will focus on Advancing Health and Wellbeing in Latin America: Uniting for a Resilient Future.

Join us for a dynamic and insightful event centered on health and wellbeing in Latin America, where we address the region’s most critical challenges. Through thought-provoking discussions, we will delve into key topics such as healthy aging, equitable health access, maternal and child health, the mental health crisis, and health systems resilience. With esteemed stakeholders and participants like PAHO, IADB, and FGV, we aim to foster collaboration and innovative solutions, propelling Latin America towards improved health and wellbeing outcomes. Together, let’s shape a healthier and more sustainable future for Latin America, uniting to address the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.