September 15, 2021

Covid, Climate and Cooperation: What Will It Take to Fix Our Fractured World? A Strategic Preview of the UN General Assembly



Date & Time

September 15, 2021
11:00AM EDT - 1:00PM EDT


The past eighteen months have pushed citizens, communities, and countries to the breaking point. COVID-19 revealed the interdependence of our health, our economies, and our prospects, even as the climate crisis threatens our common humanity, digital media divides as often as unites, and other challenges loom. We know that solidarity is self-interest, and the world can only solve its most pressing needs by working together. Yet our ability to cooperate is being put to test after test. What will it take to find common ground to fix a fractured world?

Ahead of the United Nations General Assembly this September, political, business, and civil society leaders face new urgency and rising demand to show common purpose and deliver solutions at scale.

What will it take to beat the COVID-19 crisis decisively? What must be done to avert catastrophic climate change and ensure a habitable planet for the half of the world’s population under 30 and the 10 billion people yet to be born this century? How can we reimagine cooperation amid national divisions and global tensions? Even against the odds, where is the most promising momentum for greater collective action to secure a better, healthier, and more equitable future?

The Financial Times, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, is delighted to host this strategic preview of the UN General Assembly bringing together diverse and insightful speakers to discuss what to expect, what’s at stake, and why it matters to you.

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