November 16, 2022

Breakthrough Lab: A climate smart, equitable and resilient Maritime Sector

High-Level Climate Champions (HLCC)

Decarbonizing shipping is a critical part of meeting the Paris temperature targets. Long thought of as a “hard to abate” sector, it is now clear that transformation of the sector is not only possible, but underway, and has the opportunity to show the way for other sectors in areas such as decarbonization, resilience and adaptation, and just and equitable transition. Shipping is in the early stages of its transition but the scale of the opportunity is unfolding rapidly. Realising this opportunity requires radical collaboration, i.e. increasingly open and transparent, across the usual silos and both the public and private sectors.

This Breakthrough Lab will explore 3 critical levers to achieving a 1.5 degree-aligned, equitable and resilient transformation:, 1) matching the demand and supply of zero emissions fuels; 2) developing the necessary workforce to power the systems of the future and build resilience to climate change; and 3) creating appropriate national and international policies to support mitigation and adaptation of the maritime sector. A cross-cutting theme will be how through collaboration we can rapidly accelerate towards the 2030 Breakthrough, as part of the wider efforts to get to zero emissions by “avoid shift and improve” actions.