September 19, 2023

AI for Healthy Cities

Foreign Policy, The Novartis Foundation


The Westin New York Grand Central
Invitation Only

Date & Time

September 19, 2023
12:00PM EDT - 2:00PM EDT

Join Foreign Policy and the Novartis Foundation against the backdrop of the United Nations General Assembly to explore how data and technology can be harnessed to address cardiovascular population health in urban environments around the world.

By 2050, urban areas are projected to accommodate 70% of the global population, posing challenges to public health due to increased pollution, restricted access to quality food, lack of physical activity, and other health inequities. At the same time, cities generate vast amounts of data that, if properly analyzed, can provide valuable insights to inform urban health planning and policy development.

Inspired by the AI4HealthyCities initiative and the Data Partnership on Health System performance, this event will bring together policymakers, health system managers, industry players, international organizations, and academia for a series of discussions on how data and technology can help cities improve the health of the greatest number of people.