September 21, 2021

3-D Commission Report Launch



Date & Time

September 21, 2021
8:00AM EDT - 10:00AM EDT


Hosted by Rockefeller Foundation-Boston University 3-D Commission

Hosted on the occasion of the 76th United Nations General Assembly, this event will serve as the official launch of the 3-D Commission’s report on data, social determinants, and better decision-making for health. During the event, the Commission co-chairs will discuss the Commission’s principles and recommendations and expand upon the report’s central argument: namely, that better understanding and action in marshalling big data on social determinants supports evidence-informed policymaking to improve population health.

The discussion will be moderated by Commission Chair Dr. Sandro Galea. Introductory video remarks will be offered by WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Further remarks will be offered by Senior Vice President of the Health Initiative at The Rockefeller Foundation Dr. Naveen Rao. Following the discussion, all in attendance will be able to interact with and ask questions of the speakers. Closed captioning in multiple languages will be available. Registration is available here.

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