September 20, 2021

2021 HDCA Global Dialogue




Hosted By: Human Development and Capability Association

The event aims to create a unique, dynamic space for the discussion of contemporary issues, movements, and tensions in the field of human development. The complexities that have arisen due to COVID will be discussed by people experiencing the effects of it within varying social and political environments.

The program will include keynote speakers, panel and roundtable discussions, workshops and informal meetings and networking sessions from people working on human development and capabilities around the world. Guests and discussants include Martha Nussbaum, Sridhar Venkatapuram, Frances Stewart, Shatema Threadcraft, Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd, Pedro Conceição, Flavio Comim and many more great speakers, and thinkers who have worked on human development and capabilities.

Sessions will include; New Challenges to Human Development and Capabilities, The Coronavirus Crisis and Challenges to Social Development, Leave No One Behind in the Sustainable Development Goals, Deepening epistemic justice capabilities for building social solidarity, Studying and teaching Human Development at the Graduate Level, How to write for policymakers, and many more.

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