By Emily Courey Pryor
Today the United Nations Foundation and the ExxonMobil Foundation are launching a first-of-its kind report dedicated to advancing women’s economic participation and success.
The report, A Roadmap for Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment, identifies proven, promising, and high-potential interventions that increase productivity and earnings for women of various economic and country contexts.  The report’s insights are informed by 18 research studies and a careful review of the best available evidence, assessing programs across four categories: entrepreneurship, farming, wage employment, and young women’s employment.
Research has demonstrated that when women are economically empowered, communities and nations benefit.  Yet, until now, there has been a knowledge gap about which interventions are most likely to empower women; this gap has led to limited optimal investments. The report aims to close that gap and help program and policy experts and funders pursue the most effective programs to promote women’s economic participation.
To read the full report, visit and to learn more, watch this video.