On April 22, more than one billion people in 192 countries will come together on Earth Day to Mobilize the Earth™ and call for a sustainable future. From Rome to Rio, London to New Orleans, Beirut to Muscat, Kolkata to Jakarta, Beijing to Melbourne, communities everywhere will voice their concerns for the planet and demand change.

Earth Day 2012, which occurs a short eight weeks before Rio+20, will provide an international platform to mobilize support for the campaign and generate momentum for the conference in June.  With the support of millions of individuals, organizations, and governments, people everywhere will Mobilize the Earth™ and call upon the world leaders at Rio +20 to embrace clean, efficient energy solutions and develop a comprehensive plan for sustainable development. If we are to avert the worst of climate change and protect our planet, we must raise our voices and let world leaders know that we want a sustainable future, and we want it now.

You can join the movement by organizing or attending an Earth Day event in your community and by making a personal commitment to better the environment. Share your pledge by registering it online at act.earthday.org and add your voice to the global referendum calling for change, A Billion Acts of Green®.

Looking for ideas on what to do for Earth Day? The best way to get involved is to check out the Earth Day Network Events Tool-Bar to find out what is going on in your community.  Earth Day events are happening all over the world…don’t miss out!

Join us on Earth Day, April 22, 2012, as we Mobilize the Earth™ and demand action from the world leaders. With your help, we will marshal A Billion Acts of Green®, organize rallies around the globe, gather petitions, register voters and build the support necessary to enact change.

Together we can Mobilize the Earth™ and make a difference.