Editor’s Note: this post is from Better World Campaign Director Jordie Hannum.

Good news: Earlier today, Secretary of State John Kerry signed the United Nation’s International Arms Trade Treaty.

This treaty will make the world a safer place, plain and simple. By establishing the first-ever global framework to regulate the international arms trade, it will help keep illegal weapons out of the hands of war criminals and human rights abusers.

Plus, despite misinformation spread by the NRA and other groups who have been trying to stop this treaty in its tracks, the Arms Treaty does not affect Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights in any way.

Believe me, this is a big deal: Every single day, armed violence kills 1,500 people around the world.

As the world’s largest arms manufacturer and exporter, and a key leader in bringing this treaty to the UN, it was critical for the U.S. to join more than 100 other countries in putting pen to paper.

And the timing couldn’t have been better: By signing the Arms Treaty during UN Week in New York City, Secretary Kerry ensured that he had the world’s attention when he made it official today.

Strong U.S. leadership was the tipping point in getting the treaty passed in the UN General Assembly in the first place, and it will be just as critical to make it become an internationally respected law.

So let’s make sure Secretary Kerry knows just how many Americans are standing with him on making the world a safer place – thank him for signing the Arms Treaty.