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I didn’t spend much time in my formative years with my mother, so I learned a great deal of my life lessons through my Dad, Ted Turner: He always gave sage advice and led by example. His actions have profoundly impacted the world, and he has helped to alleviate poverty and improve health outcomes for millions.

“It takes a village” has always been our family’s philosophy, and so I had the good fortune of being raised with many surrogates — equally strong and caring women — who mentored me and filled in the missing pieces of my life puzzle.

I learned early on that lessons must be placed in context. If we want children to respect the environment, we must teach them by giving them memorable experiences in nature. If we want our children to eat healthier meals, we must provide them with nutritious, chemical-free food. If we want to advance women’s rights around the world, we must first empower them.

In my travels in the U.S. and around the world, I’m often asked how I personally foster a healthy lifestyle in my own home. My answer is always the same: I work hard to learn as much as possible about the best choices I can make that will ultimately promote wellness. In other words, I support companies and their products that won’t make my family and I sick. What we eat, drink, breathe and put on our bodies really does matter.

At our home in Atlanta, we have installed six raised beds where we grow our own vegetables. The best part about it is that it brings us all together and becomes a wonderful, family-oriented affair.

Digging, planting, watering and harvesting plants is a fascinating and fun activity for kids who love to eat the fruits and vegetables they grow.

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