ACT NOW! Global Call to Climate Action

Climate change is real, and it’s the defining issue of our time. We all have a role to play in protecting our planet, and we could be the last generation that can. That’s why the United Nations is calling on individuals to take action on climate change through the ActNow campaign.

ActNow is a critical part of the UN’s coordinated effort to raise awareness, ambition and action for climate change, and accelerate implementation of the Paris Agreement

What is the ActNow bot?

The ActNow bot recommends 10 simple daily actions to reduce our carbon footprints – like traveling more sustainably, saving energy, or eating less meat.

Why Now?

The more people act, the bigger the impact. While individuals can’t solve the climate crisis alone, small actions do add up and make a difference. The total number of recorded actions in the ActNow bot will be presented at the UN Climate Summit in September 2019, where the world will call on global leaders, businesses, and key decision makers to take bold and urgent climate action

What the ActNow Bot Means For You

ActNow highlights the impact that individual actions can have at this critical moment in our planet’s history. By registering and sharing your actions, you send a message that people like you want climate action and are willing to take it—and that world leaders must step up, too.

Sustainable fashion Challenge

The fashion industry is considered to be the second most polluting industry in the world, more than the aviation and shipping industries combined. It’s not too late to stop this trend. Make your individual contribution to zero-waste fashion with the UN.