Peace, Human Rights, And Humanitarian Response

The UN’s founding mission in 1945 was to prevent the scourge of war and advance human rights and dignity. Today, the UN remains on the front lines of preventing and responding to conflicts, emergencies, and human rights violations. More than 90,000 ‘blue helmets’ help countries navigate the difficult path from conflict to peace; over a dozen UN agencies provide emergency relief for the more than 100 million people in need of humanitarian assistance; and around the world human rights are upheld and promoted through approximately 80 treaties and declarations agreed to at the UN.

Yet this work is becoming more challenging, with escalating tension between great powers, persistent crises in key regions, and the increasing involvement of extremist forces in regional conflicts. Humanitarian needs have grown accordingly, and human rights are under renewed assault in most corners of the globe.

The UN Foundation builds awareness and support of the UN’s work to help some of the most vulnerable people on earth.


UN staff are on the ground providing desperately needed support and assistance to vulnerable communities in Israel and Gaza.

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civic space

Never before have we faced such an onslaught of threats to civic space, and yet safe and inclusive civil society participation could not be more essential to our shared ability to build back better in a post-COVID-19 world.

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The UN’s Lifesaving Fund

The UN Central Emergency Response Fund supports quick and effective responses to humanitarian emergencies.

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Stand Up for Human Rights

Join the UN to #StandUp4HumanRights and help break the toxic patterns of a fearful world and embark on a more peaceful, more sustainable future.

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We support a range of UN peace operations, and humanitarian, and human rights efforts. See some of what we’re up to:

    • Advocating for U.S. support of fulfilling our financial obligations to UN peacekeeping
    • Championing human rights, including women’s reproductive and sexual health and rights, and the UN’s Free & Equal Campaign to support LGBTI human rights

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