Forging Climate Intersections

Climate change pervades, and is already leaving its mark, on nearly every aspect of life: the ecosystems that support and sustain us; the food we eat and the availability of our water; our financial and energy systems; and the health of human beings and wildlife. Climate change knows no boundaries.

The UN Foundation focuses on the intersections between climate change and targeted critical issues and sectors – such as foreign policy and finance, and across the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals⁠—to broaden the community of stakeholders and give them the tools and understanding to address the climate crisis and navigate its impacts. Our work includes:

  • Driving sub-national leadership in the United States through the U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of 25 governors who are committed to fulfilling the goals of the Paris Agreement. The Alliance is housed at the UN Foundation.
  • Bridging the gap between climate experts and the foreign policy and national security communities, through the Climate in Foreign Policy Project.
  • Aligning private-sector climate action with a net-zero-by-2050 emissions trajectory, with a particular focus on investors.
  • Elevating the importance of cultivating climate resilience and solutions in the agriculture and food sector in the run up to the UN Secretary-General’s 2021 Food Systems Summit.
  • Building bridges at the intersection of climate and ocean issues through advocacy, communications, and issue expertise around negotiations at the United Nations and major global events.
  • Supporting ambitious outcomes in the development of new biodiversity targets under the Convention on Biological Diversity, including helping to align the nature and climate agendas.
  • Mobilizing new constituencies for change through partnerships, major events, and elevating youth voices and other vital drivers of action.