United Nations Foundation President Calls for Bill O’Reilly’s Public Apology

September 16, 2005


Megan Rabbitt

United Nations Foundation President, Timothy E. Wirth, today called for Fox News to withdraw and publicly aplogize for remarks made by the network’s Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly said he “wished” that Hurricane Katrina had hit the United Nations building in New York City.

Mr. O’Reilly’s comments were made during his radio program, The Radio Factor, on the day that hundreds of world leaders, including President Bush, were gathered at the UN for the opening of the 59th UN General Assembly meeting.

Mr. O’Reilly’s exact comments were:

“Bush to address the U.N., says we must be steadfast in battling terrorism. I’m sure all the U.N. people fell asleep. They don’t really care about anything over there at all. I just wish Katrina had only hit the United Nations building, nothing else, just had flooded them out. And I wouldn’t have rescued them.”

Attached please find Senator Wirth’s letter to the head of Fox News.



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