UN Foundation Launches Conflict Prevention Web Resource

Washington, D.C.

March 7, 2002


Megan Rabbitt

In response to the re-release of the United Nations Secretary-General’s report on conflict prevention, the United Nations Foundation has launched a comprehensive page on its website, www.unfoundation.org, to raise awareness about the United Nations’ work on preventing deadly conflict around the world.

This week, Secretary-General Kofi Annan addressed members of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York highlighting the key findings and recommendations of the UN report.   As mandated by the UN Charter, Secretary-General Annan’s report stresses that there is no higher goal, no deeper commitment and no greater ambition than preventing armed conflict.  The report also calls for a greater focus on social and economic development, good governance, democratization and respect for human rights as building blocks for sustainable peace. The report was initially released in the summer of 2001, and has gained increased relevance in light of the global war on terrorism and its root causes.


Created in 1998 with a $1 billion gift from entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner, the United Nations Foundation builds and implements public-private partnerships in support of the United Nation’s (UN) efforts to address the most pressing humanitarian, socioeconomic, and environmental challenges facing our world today.