ICF partners with the UN Foundation to Support UN Relief Efforts in Tsunami Affected Areas Across Asia

San Diego, CA

December 29, 2004


Megan Rabbitt

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Asia has resulted in an unprecedented loss of life and property. According to the United Nations (UN), this tragedy may be the costliest natural disaster in history. To date over 80,000 people have been found dead across 11 nations, and officials expect the toll to rise further. Almost a third of the victims are children. Thousands of people are missing, and millions homeless.

Presently, multiple UN agencies have mobilized to respond, among them the UN Refugee agency, UN Children’s Fund, UN Population Fund (focusing on women’s health needs), the World Health Organization and the UN Development Program.

In response to this tragedy, the International Community Foundation (ICF) is establishing the UN Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund, and is partnering with the UN Foundation to enable residents from San Diego and other communities throughout Southern California to support UN relief efforts in tsunami affected areas across Asia. The UN Foundation will add 1 dollar for every 2 dollars contributed by ICF donors in support of UN relief efforts, up to US$50,000. 100% of the contributions made to ICF will go to the UN Foundation to trigger their matching funds. The combined contributions will then be disbursed to support the UN disaster relief efforts.

How to help:
Contributions may be made to:
UN Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund
c/o International Community Foundation
11300 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 115
San Diego, C A 92121

Online contributions to the UN Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund at the International Community Foundation may be made at: www.active.com/donate/UNtsunami.

To learn more about what some UN agencies are doing to help, please visit the following web sites:

U.S. Committee for UNICEF – www.unicefusa.org
World Health Organization – www.who.org
UN High Commissioner for Refugees – www.unhcr.ch
UN Population Fund – www.unfpa.org
UN Development Program – www.undp.org

About the International Community Foundation (ICF): ICF is San Diego-based public charity committed to providing leadership and strategically focused guidance to U.S. donors who want to contribute to worthwhile non-profit groups and other charitable organizations throughout the Americas and Asia in the areas of education, health, human services, community development, the environment and arts and culture. For more information visit: www.icfdn.org

About the UN Foundation: The United Nations Foundation promotes a more peaceful, prosperous, and just world through the support of the United Nations. Through our grantmaking and advocacy, and by building innovative public-private partnerships, we act to meet the most pressing health, humanitarian, socioeconomic, and environmental challenges of the 21st century. For more information visit http://www.unfoundation.org/index.asp