Diverse Interests Unite to Unveil Action Plan for Reaching a 25 x ’25 Energy Future

Over 400 Groups From Agriculture, Forestry, Business, Labor, Environment Behind Plan - Means Millions Of New Jobs, Billions For Economy, Better Energy Security

Washington, D.C.

February 28, 2007


Megan Rabbitt

Leaders from a broad alliance of agricultural, energy, environmental, business and labor groups today presented policy makers with a set of specific recommendations for reaching an ambitious renewable energy goal: 25 percent of the nation’s energy supply from renewable sources by 2025.

The 25x’25 Action Plan: Charting America’s Energy Future was written by the 28-member 25x’25 Steering Committee based on the consensus reviews and policy recommendations of the more than 400 organizations that have endorsed the 25x’25 vision. The Action Plan, which accelerates the transition to America’s renewable energy future, is the result of a months-long process involving some of the largest and most influential voices in the energy debate, ranging from the American Farm Bureau Federation to the National Wildlife Federation to General Motors.

The Action Plan, which was presented to Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill this morning, contains 35 specific recommendations that would cost just five percent of what America spent on imported oil in 2006 and would result in a dramatic increase in new jobs and economic activity, along with significant reductions in oil consumption and global warming emissions.

“The 25x’25 Action Plan unveiled today is an extraordinary statement by an array of voices,” said Read Smith, co-chair of the 25x’25 Steering Committee. “This broad spectrum of individuals and organizations has worked together to put ‘meat on the bones’ of the 25x’25 vision. As our elected officials make the shift to renewable energy, this action plan is the course they should follow.”

The Action Plan will have significant benefits for the economy, national security and the environment. Achieving a 25x’25 renewable energy future will:

• Generate $700 billion in new economic activity annually.
• Increase farm income by $180 billion, including $37 billion in 2025 alone.
• Create four to five million new jobs.
• Reduce oil consumption by 2.5 million barrels per day.
• Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1 billion tons.

“American agriculture is at the dawn of a new era in which we will strive to supply 25 percent of America’s energy by 2025,” said Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation. “Technological advancements in cellulosic ethanol and wind and biomass energy make a new generation of energy available for all Americans. Just as computers have revolutionized the way we live and work, new clean energy technologies are going to revolutionize the way we use and produce energy. The American Farm Bureau Federation and U.S. agriculture are committed to that change to put us on course to producing 25 percent of America’s energy from renewables by 2025. This will create new economic opportunities all across America, improve our national security, and curb greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Through a commitment to renewable energy we can help meet our moral responsibility to confront global warming to protect our children’s future,” said Larry Schweiger, President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation.

The 35 specific recommendations in the Action Plan focus on increasing the production of renewable energy, delivering that energy to consumers, expanding consumer demand, and enhancing resource conservation and energy efficiency. They include:

• Expanded research and development for cellulosic biofuels and long-term incentives for renewable electricity generation.
• New infrastructure for expanding delivery of renewable fuels and renewable energy; a new program to ensure increased availability of flex-fueled cars.
• A new requirement for use of renewable energy by the federal government, new mechanisms for renewable energy credit trading among states, and new funding for renewable energy systems.
• A new program for improving soil and water quality as well as increased support for existing conservation programs and for renewable energy and efficiency projects in the Farm Bill.

“Reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil directly affects our national security and at the same time creates more jobs, helps rural communities and benefits our environment. And increasing our usage of renewable energy sources and improving our energy efficiencies will greatly impact our dependence on foreign energy sources,” said Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO). “For our Nation to depend less on foreign energy sources, businesses and consumers alike must join in a leadership role, as these individuals and organizations are today. I applaud them for this achievable plan and look forward to building the momentum toward energy independence.”

“I commend the 25x’25 National Steering Committee on putting forth a wide range of policy suggestions to address our nation’s critical energy needs,” said Sen. Dick Lugar, (RIN).

“For our nation to move in a new direction in providing and utilizing energy we must identify the problems associated with our current energy situation and offer real solutions. The 25x’25 Action Plan provides constructive ideas that Congress should consider, and I am proud to support its objectives.”

In addition to over 400 organizations, the 25x’25 Vision has been endorsed by 23 current and former governors and four state legislatures.

The 25x’25 Action Plan is available online at www.25×25.org.

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