AIDS Demands Global Attention, Resources and Your Voice

Washington, D.C.

December 1, 2010


Alexis Krieg

United Nations Foundation CEO Kathy Calvin today issued the following statement on World AIDS Day.

“Every day more than 1,200 children are born with HIV around the world. AIDS is still one of the leading causes of death among women of reproductive age. Today, on World AIDS Day, we should take a moment to remember the nearly 30 million people who have died of HIV-related causes and the more than 60 million people who have been infected with HIV since the beginning of the epidemic. The best way to show our support is by re-committing ourselves to the urgent fight against this global disease.

“While AIDS has taken a grim toll, we see important signs of hope. The number of new infections globally is decreasing — nearly 20% in the last 10 years. Virtual elimination of mother???to???child transmission of HIV by 2015 is now a reachable goal. In 2009, 53% of pregnant women in low- and middle-income countries living with HIV received antiretrovirals, compared with 24% in 2006, according to a new report released by the UN.  We are making progress, but cannot stop now.

“The United Nations Foundation is working with The Global Fund to mobilize resources to support and fund efforts to prevent and treat people in regions that are most affected by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. We are committed to helping The Global Fund, our UN partners and millions of people around the world win the battle against HIV/AIDS. In eight years, thanks to The Global Fund, nearly six million lives have been saved and millions more have received antiretroviral treatment, counseling and testing and basic care and support.

“The international community must continue to step up efforts to provide universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and social protection if we are going to see an AIDS-free generation by 2015. And we all have a role to play. This World AIDS Day, consider donating, becoming a supporter or telling your friends to get involved. Together, with your support, we can dramatically reduce deaths from AIDS.”

Ways You Can Make a Difference on World AIDS Day

Make a Donation:
Support the work of The Global Fund or (RED) Campaign to help fight HIV/AIDS.

Learn More:
To see the Global Fund’s impact firsthand, watch A New Picture of Health — a unique documentary about the work of the Global Fund and its ongoing impact in saving millions of lives — particularly those of women and children across the developing world.

Join the Community:
Become a supporter of the (RED) CampaignThe Global Fund and UN Foundation to learn more about how you can join the discussion and become involved.

Update Your Facebook Status:
Did you know that 1,200 children are infected with HIV each day? Today is World AIDS Day. Take action and help us win the battle against HIV/AIDS.

Tweet the following on Twitter:
It’s World AIDS Day @joinred fact: 430,000 babies born with HIV last yr. By 2015 that could be 0. #turnred today


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