Seema Jalan

Seema Jalan is the Executive Director of the Universal Access Project and Policy at the United Nations Foundation, a multi-stakeholder initiative of philanthropists, advocates and companies striving for a world where all people can realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights.  Seema has almost 20 years of experience promoting gender equity and girls’ and women’s health and human rights globally; and serves on the Board of the Funders for Reproductive Equity and as a Leadership Liaison to the nonprofit funders’ group Rachel’s Network. Seema previously led Women Thrive Worldwide’s global policy portfolio, where she was instrumental in contributing to the adoption of the first-ever U.S. government strategy to address violence against girls and women globally, announced by President Obama in 2012; and USAID’s comprehensive gender policy. Seema has worked with the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction in Ethiopia, Women for Afghan Women and the United Nations. She supported U.S. Representative Carolyn Maloney’s efforts to address the wage gap and gender inequity in the workplace. As an expert on sexual and reproductive health and rights, Seema is frequently quoted in top-tier media outlets including Slate, Foreign Policy, CNN, NBC, and Vice. She also routinely provides commentary on these topics in her Medium series and as a contributor to The Huffington Post, CNN, and The Hill.